Frequently Asked Questions

A: If your guitar has a front endpin (strap button) on the back side at the heel of the neck, then it's best to use a Lock-It strap with a "reversed" front end. Some examples would be: ES-335's, SG's and many jazz guitars. The best solution would be to have the lock's thumb button facing AWAY from your guitar's body. Although it's entirely possible to use one of our standard straps with the lock button facing away from the guitar, there would be a half-turn twist in the strap. Having a reversed front end Lock-It strap prevents this twist.

A: No, there's no need. Our leather straps can easily be used in the reversed configuration by simply reversing the tail (length-adjustment end). Since the leather is identical on both sides of the strap, it makes no difference at all.

A: Although our locks easily fit over the strap buttons installed on guitars using metal strap locks, it's not recommended. Those strap buttons tend to have a much smaller head than stock strap buttons and may want to dislodge from our locks.

A: It'll be a little tight at first, but yes, it will - our locking ends are one of the few that do. Not only can the large output/jack get though our strap, it's thin enough to get under the top of the jack's flange.

A: Fishman type output jacks are by far the very largest to get any strap-end over. Many musicians have purchased our straps and swear they can get them on and work fine. We find it's a very tight fit and would not honor a return after it's been used on one of these types of output jacks.

A: Yes, our locks fit the large PRS strap buttons. A new Lock-It strap will be tight at first, but will break in over time.

A: Unless your banjo, ukulele, or mandolin (or any other stringed instrument) has strap buttons similar to a guitar's, then no, it will not.

A: Locks produced from June 2011 onward are composed of a proprietary blend of polymers specially formulated for their superior toughness and resistance to failure due to fatigue and stress. Although the material is a company secret, it's recognized as one of the world's toughest polymer alloys ever!

A: Metal is great for many applications, but not when it comes to flexing and bending. A thin metal counter-part would eventually crack due to repeated flexing under stress. It would scrape the plating off your guitar's strap button and could potentially scratch the guitar itself. So no, we would not use it. Believe us: we're looking out for your guitar's best interest.

A: We're proud to say that our locks have exceeded everyone's expectations and carry a limited lifetime warranty, effective December 1st 2016.

A: The only way we can get more people to experience and try our straps is by having them sold at dealers. Naturally, we cannot compete with our dealers.

A: There are more and more dealers coming on board to sell Lock-It straps all the time - including online retailers. We'll be updating our dealers list every now and then. We encourage you to ask your local guitar dealer to carry Lock-It straps.

A: Many have asked for more colorful and stylish straps. As we grow, we'll add more to the line, so please check back once in a while.

A: No, we do not. Many musicians just wish to buy a completed strap.

About Lock-It Straps

Lock-it Straps became a part of the OMG Music family of products in 2019. The quality of Lock-it Straps using the finest leathers, cottons, and woven materials remain true to the brand you are accustomed to. Based in Sheridan, Indiana, OMG Music is proud to have Lock-it Straps in addition to all our other fine products.